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English version - Calvario Alpin Run 2017

“Many take the straight and narrow path. Someone take the least busy route.

I choose to cut through the woods“


The Calvary Alpin Run is confirmed in the FVG Trail Running Tour 2017  regional circuit that encompasses the beauty of 36 races spread across the whole region and for which the Calvario Alpin Run is the final race of the 2017 season.

The track, for continuity with the previous editions, remains the same, nervous, full of climbs and descents with some difficult stretches. You run 90% along muddy trails in the woods, a bit of water and rubble that sometimes makes the routes slippery.

The landscape that you'll find out is that of the hills overlooking Gorizia and Nova Gorica and the panorama extending 360 degrees can range from the Collio to the Karst by taking a look at the Sabotino and the Julian Alps in the distance. It then ends with a view over the Isonzo plain.

Along the route are clearly visible signs, remembrances and memories of history that catch emotions and reflections on what happened 100 years ago in World  War Ist.

The Gruppo Alpini Gorizia  also wanted to put this year's edition on the list of events for the centenary of the beginning of the Great War as a vehicle for promoting the territory through the charm of history in whose context we should remember the importance that Mount Calvary and the surrounding peaks had for the battles of Gorizia.


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